A Breath of Fresh Air!

A Breath of Fresh Air!

Life happens and as a result I have bought a few homes. Each time I buy a home, I further identify the characteristics that I desire in my real estate professional. I hand pick only realtors that have the experience, training, and education to enable them to be beyond excellent. As a result, my  research has led me to Alayna.

Many realtors say they treat people like they want to be treated but then do the opposite once you sign on the dotted line; I’ve had this experience in the past. Alayna is the type of realtor who actually does treat you in the positive ways that she desires to be treated before and after you sign on the dotted line.

Additionally, she is very timely with everything pertaining to the house search, knowledgeable, and patient. I flew out to meet with her and she arranged for us to see as many houses as possible, even squeezing one in that I texted her about while at the airport on my way to fly out to see her.

Obviously, I think highly of her and recommend her. Compared to the previous real estate professionals I have used she was a breath of fresh air.

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